Dirtdevil.com Website Review & Ratings + Dirt Devil Coupons
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Dirtdevil.com Website Review & Ratings + Dirt Devil Coupons

Dirt Devil is a manufacturing company that creates a series of vacuum cleaning systems and carpet shampooing units. Their mission is to produce products that simplify a variety cleaning processes for both residential and professional establishments. They offer merchandise that is created to solve everyday problems like allergen reactions, stained carpet fibers and germ extraction from hard surfaces (i.e., wood floors and linoleum ect.).

Dirt Devil is backed by HP a highly regarded manufacturing company that continues to make favorable contributions to the industry of technology. In 1995 these two companies joined forces and produced the first bag-less vacuum cleaner in the Dirt Devil line. Together they make an incredible team when it comes to innovation and customer care responsiveness. Moving forward they aspire to provide built-in air purification vacuum units to qualify the health of air for homes across the country.

The engineering practices employed by Dirt Devil have become infamous for assisting consumers with identifying the problem, finding a Dirt Devil product solution and making confident purchasing decisions. The variety of their selection caters to just about any cleaning task anyone on a professional or personal level will ever experience. Here is a snap shot of some of the areas they cover:

Dirt Devil: What makes it different?

The Dirt Devil establishment has managed to streamline a variety of other resources to keep their loyal customers satisfied with their initial investments. They offer service center locator solutions in the event one becomes challenged by an internal malfunction. Simply call their customer care support center and they will qualify a strategy to resolve the issue. In addition to this they offer a variety of do-it-yourself accessories for minor repair needs.

Consumers also have the option of registering their purchase online with Dirt Devil which is a convenient way to keep up with warranty guidelines. However, in the event one does not register they guarantee their assistance to prevent the consumer from owning a useless piece of equipment. This is an added incentive that substantiates the value of owning their merchandise and minimizing the risk of unfavorable replacement costs.

Dirt Devil realizes the lifespan of their merchandise is only as good as the follow up care support they provide. Whether you’re mechanically inclined or completely intimidated by taking on small jobs they only offer additional accessories that are easy to replace. Here is a glimpse of the merchandise consumers can access to keep their units running strong:

Dirt Devil vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Dirt Devil)

Bissell and Hoover are the two leading competitors of the Dirt Devil within the industry of vacuum and carpet shampooing units. All three provide very unique products and services to win the approval of their target audiences. Here is an overview of their respective practices:

Bissell: Offers a desirable range of units like light weight handheld/upright vacuums, hardwood floor cleaners and steamers. They have a very interactive web site that offers how-to-videos for consumers needing visual assistance and stain fighting support. There are a number of mixed consumer reviews that address both the quality or lack there of for a variety of their products. While the theory behind purchasing cleaning systems is take the labor out of the experience; some consumers feel their claims were embellished. Bissell continues to strive to enhance customer satisfaction and has made its mark with environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to expand their audience.

Dirt Devil: Offers a variety of units that clean hard surfaces, carpets and attachments that permit consumers to reach cracks and crevices. The cleaning solutions they offer fight stains, pet odors and allergies but do not offer an environmentally friendly solution to those that are concerned about harsh chemicals. They have canister vacuums that reduce waste which is a step in the right direction for the earth conscious consumer. The other added incentive is their robotic units that permit consumers to set their desired cleaning time frame without having to actually do the task themselves. Consumer ratings report that the mass are very satisfied with their experience of this company as a whole.

Hoover: Offers a Series of vacuum and carpet shampooing systems for a variety of floor types in addition to air purification units. Their air purification units are an appropriate match for their vacuums as the two permit consumers to feel more confident about their cleaning strategies. Hoover has become a trusted household name that is constantly searching to improve the technology it employs to provide maximum suction power. They also have a recall forum to keep their constituents apprised of any glitches they may find along the way. Unfortunately, they do not have any environmentally friendly cleaning solutions available at this time - but do have canister vacuums that cut down on waste. Consumer reports satisfactory results with the merchandise they purchase from this establishment.

Dirt Devil: Pricing & packages

Dirt Devil, Hoover and Bissell have a very straight forward approach to helping their customers identify the product that is most ideal for their budget. Each establishment provides access to blow-out specials, coupons and seasonal discounts with either reduced or free shipping. We will be focusing on their most least expensive canister vacuum system to help you gauge their price point strategies.

Dirt Devil: Extreme Cyclonic Quick Vac $49.99

  • Premium Stretch Brush
  • Telescopic Handle
  • system Check Indicator
  • 1 year Warranty

Bissell: Zing Bagless Canister $49.99

  • Bag-less
  • Tools and extension wand

Hoover: Ultra Light Weight Upright $69.99

  • Suction Hose
  • Crevice Tool
  • Dusting Brush
Dirt Devil: Product images & screenshots
Dirt Devil Coupons
Get Free Shipping on Selected Products @ Dirt Devil
Dirt Devil: Customer reviews & comments

There appears to be just as many satisfied customers as there are dissatisfied with their decision to investment with Dirt Devil. The re-occurring themes for dissatisfied customers appears to be the unbearable noise level produced by some of the Dirt Devil merchandise. Then again you have consumers who realize they mishandled their unit and returned to purchase the exact Dirt Devil model. Here are just a couple of snippets of what they have to say about their experiences:

"i am on my way back to target to purchase another dirt devil versa power. i bought one last year for Christmas and it has lasted me until august. the power cord came dismantled when it got hung on something and detached itself and i cannot rewire it.... Read more"

"I had a stick vac before and loved it. It was a Eureka. the dirt devil is so loud I cannot stand to use it. It does pick up, but the noise it makes is not worth it so I usually haul out my big vacuum...Read More

"I love it and I am working on my 2ND one as we speak... Read more"

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