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iRobot is a site for all housewives or house husbands. This site sells robots that wash floors, vacuum carpets, clean pools and gutters. What more could a “houseperson” ask for than a machine to do all the work for them.

A nice, clean and tidy site, navigation is simple and intuitive.

By buying an iRobot you are joining over 6 million others, who, like you, wanted to take the stress and time out of keeping a house clean. The Roomba and Scooba are fitted with iAdapt technology, (software and sensors), that lets them feel a room and clean in awkward and out of the way places, including under beds.

iRobot is an experienced robot maker, with many of their robots working for the government where they undertake dangerous searches and bomb disposal, thus reducing the risk of life – both to the public and to the armed forces.

“Over 1,500 iRobot PackBot® Tactical Mobile Robots have been deployed worldwide, mostly in Iraq and Afghanistan. These robots have performed tens of thousands of missions and are credited with saving scores of soldiers’ lives.”

The iRobot Roomba is an award winning piece of technology and iRobot has won numerous other awards.

Someone once said, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, and in the case of iRobot imitations abound – so beware of paying for an article that is not the real thing. Only iRobot and authorized dealers sell the real product, so check carefully before parting with your hard earned cash.

iRobot Roomba 700 Series Vacuuming Robot What makes it different?

A few companies make robot vacuums and all claim the same things as iRobot – the machine knows where furniture and walls are and powerful suction picks up almost anything, it goes into corners and under beds. iRobot Roomba has more features than other robotic vacuum cleaners and has a wider choice of models, suiting more homes and budgets.

iRobot also make the Scooba which washes, dries and sweeps hard floors while avoiding carpet. This appears to be unique in the market place, and combined with the Roomba saves a lot of time and effort in keeping a house clean.

The iRobot Looj takes the stress and danger out of cleaning gutters. You go up the ladder once, set the Looj in the gutter and when it has finished take it out. Simple and easy. The Looj blasts dirt, leaves and sludge out of the gutter leaving it clean. The handle doubles as a remote control allowing you to bring it back to where you are waiting.

There is also a pool cleaner, Verro, on the site with a “Self-contained vacuum, pump and filter system” which “removes leaves, hair, sand, silt, pollen, algae and bacteria”.

iRobot Scooba 230 Floor Washing Robot vs. primary competitors (sites similar to

iRobot has few competitors, the main ones being Neato Robotics and Infinuvo.

Neato Robotics

The Neato Robotics has one product – a vacuum cleaner. The home page tells you little unless you are prepared to sit through 3 videos, which do not always stream properly, or press “next” continuously to scroll through a few lines of writing each time. This has a few advantages in that it returns to the base itself when a charge is needed, and you can program it to clean at certain times or daily. It cleans both carpet and flooring and works out the position of furniture by laser.

How pet friendly this laser is, is not mentioned – but you can only assume if your pet is lying down and staring at the cleaner, the laser beam may harm the animals eyes.


Infinuvo also has one product – a vacuum cleaner, but they do offer the choice of a few models. When you click to see the features,  you appear to be taken to another site and when you click “buy” you appear to be taken to yet another site. Each url has a different name and you don’t really know who you are buying this from – providing it is in stock.


The motherboard and netbook company Asus apparently make a robotic vacuum cleaner, but it does not show up on their site. It is available to buy from other online stores. The interesting feature with this vacuum is a fragrance compartment to that it perfumes your home while it cleans.


Samsung make two robotic vacuum cleaners, but they do not appear to be for sale on the site. There is, however, a lot of interesting and well laid out information about the product. One interesting feature is the ability to set a “no go area”, so if you have guests, priceless objects, children’s toys or a sleeping pet, you can tell the vacuum to clean the rest but not to enter that zone.

Each vacuum has a feature the others lack, returning to the base to charge itself, a “no go area”, fragrance and scheduling. iRobot has scheduling and returns to the base to charge itself, it also uses sensors rather than a laser, is able to detect especially dirty areas and clean them more thoroughly, has a “bin full” indicator and many more features others lack.

103px × 100px Pricing & packages

iRobot vacuum cleaners start at $199.99 and go up to $599.99 with a choice of 10 models to choose from.

iRobot Scooba floor washer starts at $299.99 and goes up to $499.99

iRobot Looj $129.99 - $169.99

iRobot Verro $399.99 - $1,099.00

Neato XV-11 Vacuum Cleaning Robot is $399.00

Asus Agait E-Clean EC01 Robot Vacuum (Red or yellow),  $230

Samsung NaviBot SR8845 Robot Vacuum Cleaner  £257.25 (approximately $380)

Infinuvo CleanMate Robotic Vacuum with Self-charging Home Base and Scheduler QQ-2 PLUS costs Regular price: $239.99, Sale price: $179.99 – but “This item is currently out of stock!”

Infinuvo CleanMate Robot Vacuum QQ-2L with LCD Display and Self-Charging Base for  Regular price: $219.99, Sale price: $169.99 – but “This item is currently out of stock!”

Infinuvo CleanMate Robotic Vacuum with Self-charging Base QQ-2 (WHITE) for Regular price: $199.99, Sale price: $149.99 – but “This item is currently out of stock!”

The New Scooba 230 (sleek, compact and perfectly sized for hard-to-reach areas like next to a toilet) uses a three-stage cleaning system to wash, scrub and squeegee, all you have to do is sweep. Product images & screenshots Coupons
Get Roombs Up To 40% Off At Amazon @ Customer reviews & comments

Customer reviews for iRobot’s Scooba and Roomba:

“Can you prep, wash, scrub and dry your floors all at once? With Scooba you can. iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robot is an innovative and easy-to-use product that will change the way you clean hard floors. Scooba is an intelligent and effective Floor Washing Robot.”

“This "Robot" is awesome. It cleans the floors so well and is very easy to use and maintain. You don't need to watch it either you could just watch TV. or go to work while this little baby cleans.”

“I use it in a Karate Studio with plenty of chairs (The lobby) and it can get through them.”

Scooba "Mops your floors using clean water instead of a dirty mop bucket! Cool idea..."

"Highly, highly recommended! Cleans very well, good with kitchen tiles and stuck on messes."

"It runs well, and it is pretty good at scrubbing the floors."

“This thing works great. We have two young boys and the kitchen floor is always a train wreck after dinner. Mopping was always a pain and we would fall behind in the responsibility. Now we just set up Scooba and away we go. The downside is the noise - we live in a smaller house, so we have to turn the TV volume up a bit. Cleaning up Scooba is very easy too. We use both the Clorox/Scooba cleaning fluid and Distilled white vinegar. Both work great.”

“After several months as a shamelessly in love Roomba owner I decided it was time to add to my domestic robot collection and buy a Scooba and, just as I suspected, I am beyond pleased with the product. I've set up a schedule where I run the Roomba one day, pull up my rugs the next (I have hardwood and tile flooring throughout my flat) and run the Scooba just before leaving for work the next. This routine works beautifully and I have successfully eliminated yet another household chore! So pleased am I with the quality and effectiveness of my little iRobot family I am considering investing in their stock. They are remarkably effective devices and they continue to revolutionize the way we tend to our lives. Highly, highly recommended!”

iAdapt™ Responsive Cleaning Technology allows Roomba to get into areas you can't easily reach.

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